We are pleased to announce that Karen Banton through the Bernie Banton Foundation has agreed to John Carter's request that Bernie be Commemorated as the Honourable Patron of AsbestosInfo.

Bernie and John's shared goal is to make all Australians aware of the dangers of Asbestos to themselves and their families and how to manage that danger by becoming more Asbestos Aware.

Bernie Banton, Honorable Patron
and John Carter, Founder in 1997

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Looking for information about Asbestos?

Asbestos is part of our environment.
In building works prior to 1987, asbestos was regarded as a universal product
and used in many applications in homes and workplaces.

This site has been prepared as your first point of reference on asbestos and
asbestos containing products as a service to our Australian community.


Features of this site include:

  • You may know someone who has been diagnosed with an asbestos disease or suspect they may have an asbestos
    related disease. Time is all important - so it is important
    to get the right advice from experienced people.
    This section will provide you with a list of all the organisations available and the contact details of those nearest you.
  • There are a lot of things - small and large that you can do.
    It is about sharing your awareness of asbestos with your
    family, friends and work colleagues - which will help us achieve our Goal of 100% Asbestos Awareness Nationally by 2010.
    Click on our asbestos info objectives link to see what you
    can do to help - today.
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