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Asbestos Diseases Society of Australia Inc.
1800 646 690 (National Toll Free)
Tel: (08) 9344 4077.
219 Main Street, Osborne Park WA 6017

PO Box 1394, Osbourne Park, WA 6916


The Asbestos Diseases Society of Australia (Inc) (ADSA), is an incorporated registered charitable organisation, founded in 1979 for the purposes of:

  • Providing counselling and support services to those who develop asbestos-related diseases and their families.
  • Providing economic assistance to those who suffer financial hardship or social disadvantage as a result of contracting asbestos-related illness.
  • Political lobbying and advocacy in asbestos-related areas.
  • Fundraising for medical research and support services.
  • Raising community awareness of the dangers associated with asbestos in the community, and providing information thereon as requested.

The organisation is non-profit and charges only a nominal membership fee to its members. Except for a small annual grant courtesy of the West Australian Government, it is largely reliant on fund raising activities and the public's support for its operating revenue. ADSA is therefore independent of public or private sector interests.